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You could compare the relationship that you have with your company with that you might have with a loved one. Energy flows between the two of you in either or both directions. You have expectations and worries, you spend a lot of time in eachother's company. You meet emotions such as fullfillment, stress, feelings of being taken care of and fear. And sometimes you just want to get out.

It does not have to come that far. A Long Distance Business Reading will get the energy flowing - towards the growth you are so much longing for.


cursusYou work hard, you invest time and money, you study and you advertise. Yet you do not seem to be getting closer to getting your company to blossom.

When you started your business you went full steam ahead. You exploded with ideas. Night after night you spent with your partner planning and creating. Finances were an issue, naturally. The risk of quitting your job was one of the most terrifying things you have done. Fortunately you had some money for the start-up. Buying the first stuff and expenses and all. Your friends are excited, your family is proud. And now after the first rush of adreneline has passed you are more and more bothered by thoughts of new clients and the growth of your company. An uneasy feeling with a little voice telling you that things will not work out, that this is not it. A little voice that tells you that no-one could be really bothered with what you're doing and that is trying to convince you that you will hopelessly fail.

What would it mean to you
if you knew you would not fail.

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Hey you brave entrepeneur!

chakrabijeenkomstenYou are not only tough, but you also have perseverence. Also you dare to be vulnerable and you are brave enough to look at your blind spot.

It looks as though others are easier of and that's what you are longing for too.

And you want to make money with your company,
because just fun will not pay the bills.

Mirjam: "During the reading I could already experience positive changes taking place."

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voor wieHow would you feel if you would knów what your strong qualities are so that you could totally rely on the unique qualilties that you possess.

How confident would you feel again if you would be able to distinguish the main and the subsidiary issues of your company. How free would you feel if you would not have to worry about the next steps.

In short, how would it be if you could regain that sense of enthusiasm that you had when you started your business. If you could excitedly dream your plans and come home telling stories of success.
Because you knów you will not fail and because you no longer believe what that hideous little voice is trying to tell you.

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How does it work?

hoe dan

Of course you want the energy between your company and you to keep flowing. Because that will make you appreciate that the energy you put in will pay out. You will actually be able to enjoy the succes of your company. There are a number of factors influencing the free flow - or the blockage thereof - of this energy. Some you will be able to identify yourself and that is great. Yet sometimes that may not suffice.

I translate the energy surrounding you and your company to information you can work with. In doing so you not only gain insight in the present blockages but you will also gain more awareness of the potential. This awareness will allow you to make decisions that are truly beneficial to you and your company so that you can both experience the growth you so long for.

You will not have to be able to know or do anything in order to get a business reading. The only thing required is the courage to acknowledge what is. And coming this far is testimony to your bravery - so that you have!


Business Reading in my practice in Zuidoostbeemster:
A session lasts an hour. During the reading a recording is made in order for you to listen to it again at your own convenience.

Long Distance Business Reading:
The Business Reading is done in my practice while tuning into you and your business' energy - from a distance. I record the reading and send it to you using WeTransfer. You will not have to do anything! Any questions you might have with regard to the recording can be put to me by mail or by phone.

Two to three months after the initial Business Reading we can make an appointment for a follow-up.
The follow-up is a great opportunity to investigate certain themes in depth. Or you could simply check how your current situation is and what your next steps could be. To allow the changes to really integrate we allow a span of at least two months between readings.

If you wish to get some hands-on support following on the Business Reading I can offer you coaching or I could get you in touch with some excellent therapists and practitioners.



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